Books, ideas, projects. You will find them all here. My library is LOUD and fun with some quiet spaces in between.

A place where everyone feels a sense of community and “I belong here.” I hope you feel the same about this website.

Thanks to Google advanced search and Pintrest I have found volumes of fantastic ideas that I’ve used in my classroom or library. Or I’ve seen pictures that have sparked ideas IN me.

THANK YOU to everyone who contributes. I felt it was my turn to give back to the online community with some well-researched lesson plans and student-tested activities. May this website spark ideas IN YOU!



Not every lesson is a 10, so I’ve tried to sift out the ordinary and give you the lessons, events, and activities that have been MAGIC for me. No guarantees you will have the same result, but oh, how I hope you do.  May you see their smiles, watch their eyes light up, and bring sunshine into kids’ lives.

Things I’ve Been:
Classroom teacher, college & university instructor, food server, and farm worker.


With my favorite people: Tim, DJ, Jerome, & Andrew

Things I Am:
Mother, librarian, storyteller, dual-language teacher, advocate, and effusive supporter of those doing good in the world.

Street Cred:

Certified Teacher with endorsements in Language Arts, ESL, and Librarian/Media Specialist
B.S. in Education, Grand Canyon University
M.A. in English as a Second Language, Arizona State University


Published Works:

Past, present, and future articles, games, puzzles, and essays can be 

found in publications such as Spider (Cricket Magazine Group), Jack & Jill (U.S. Kids), Kids Celebrate, Guideposts-online, and several more.

About My Writing:

I grew up on a 20-acre farm in rural Oregon. My soul longed for the lights and energy of the city so I took off for college in Arizona and fell in love with the desert and my husband Tim. But the hot sun scorched my skin and I developed skin cancer (melanoma) in 2006. Wanting relief from the heat and to be closer to family, we moved to Oregon and stayed there for three years, four months, and three days (But who’s counting?). However, I had become too attached to the wild spirit of the Southwest, the sun, and the electricity of a large city, so we returned home for good in 2015.

Nature speaks to me. I feel the presence of God and see His power in the magnificent vastness of the ocean. I sense His peace  in the rustle of soft wind over the desert floor. Often what I imagine and create begins in nature and many of my own works reflect both experiences in Oregon and in Arizona. You may contact me via Twitter @aelesher.


Books I’m Crazy About


Books That Made Me Laugh Out Loud:

I want my hat backa year down yonderThe Best School Year Everhate_that_catthe-trouble-with-chickens


Books That Made Me Cry:

because of winn dixiemiracle's boysheatWonder


Books That Have an Amazing Twist:

The Empty PotMr. HatchTANGERINE


Books That Reflect My Life:

travel teamJerry_Spinelli_-_Stargirllast-stop-medals


Books That Make Me Want to Hug My Dog (or goat, or whatever pet is nearby):

charlotte's webhenry and ribsyreign rain



Books That Make Me Want to Hug My Family:

angel babyhome-now1monster-momma