17 Apps for Teachers in 2017



  1. Talitha Gwaltney

    Third grade teacher

  2. I am a third grade teacher looking for interesting ideas.

  3. N Darade

    Dear sir /madam
    How can I download

    • aprillesher

      Are you looking to download apps? Simply go to Chrome Web Store, search for the app you would like, and click “Install App.”

  4. Can’t find the Beat Lab in the App Store

  5. Looks like lots of interesting apps to check out!

  6. I looked for storyboard that on the AppStore and couldn’t find it. Does it have another name?

    • aprillesher

      I use StoryboardThat for Chromebook in Chrome Web Store. I am not sure if it available on AppStore.

  7. Im interested in topic number one Story bird coz I am teaching toddlers. And also teaching English to elementary and adults hope you can guide me on this.

    Thank you!

    • aprillesher

      Clarinda, Storybird allows pictures to be prompts or added to a story. Many of the images evoke conversation. Start by showing a picture and asking your ELL students to describe what they see.

  8. Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 j7fiq

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