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Hurricane Code Club

Running a code club program on our campus has been a blast. I noticed we had these uber techie students who knew far more about Chromebooks and coding than I could begin to touch. My first question was: HOW can I help these students? I don’t know any tech billionaires. I don’t know any tech millionaires. And the majority of people I knew held jobs in the tech industry that WOULD NOT interest junior high kids. They want games, apps, and SILLY.

I discovered Code Club when my son attended one of their events (a former student invited us) and I discovered that Kelly Smith created PRENDA in order that students can DRIVE their own instruction. I don’t have to know anything about coding, I simply needed to hold the club and learn alongside them. Which I did. And it has been a HUGE success. Students are creating levels and making modifications in Scratch that are UNREAL.

We host a Hurricane Gaming Showcase every quarter. WOW! Look at all that code.

Hurricane Code Club Showcase, January 2017










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