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Skills: Writing: How to Compose a Letter; Reading: Making Predictions

Age Level: PreK – 1st Grade, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), ID classes

My Thoughts: Hilarious way to teach the parts of a letter (salutation, body, closing, signature). This fantastic book encourages students to think beyond the traditional way of doing things. Fosters creativity: Let whales be orange, the oceans red, and let inanimate objects (crayons) rule the lesson. 


For full lesson plan, click here: The Day the Crayons Quit














Pax and Blue


Skills: Reading: Basic elements of literature, Character description.

Age Level: PreK – 1st Grade, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), ID classes

My Thoughts: Superb story line with easy-to-understand plot basics. Young readers will quickly identify the conflict (or problem): The pigeon Blue has been separated from Pax. Will Blue find his way back to the park bench and what will Pax do to help? The book also shows the power of friendship and how important it is to help a friend in trouble. Empathy for the win!

Pax and Blue Plot Chart: Download Here           Pax and Blue Me and You Chart: Download Here


paxandblueactivity paxandbluemeandyou













Skills: Science: Observable changes in weather. 

Reading: Describe the relationship between illustrations and story. Actively engage in group reading activities.

Age Level: PreK – 1st Grade, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), ID classes

My Thoughts: Elegant and masterful illustrations. The swirl of gray sky is breathtaking. Children appreciate the boy with dog that knows it will snow and the adults that don’t believe him. The perfect cold weather story.













hotelbruceHOTEL BRUCE

Skills: Science: Compare habitats of birds in the summer and winter months.

Reading: Actively engage in group reading activities.

Age Level: PreK – 1st Grade, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), ID classes

My Thoughts: Silly story about a grumpy bear who has enough of visitors.

Since Mother Bruce cares for the geese that fly south for the winter, he endures their antics, including turning his home into a hotel.





last stop on market streetLAST STOP ON MARKET STREET
Click here for full lesson: Last Stop on Market Street Lesson Plan

last stop on market street activities

Skills: Describe character and setting using key details. Identify 5 senses and related body parts

Age Level: PreK – 1st Grade, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), ID classes

My Thoughts: The illustrations are outstanding in Robinson’s vibrant, kid-friendly style. The lyrical story allows reader to use all the senses as CJ and Nana are traveling. Powerful read about finding the beauty around us.


last stop on market street lesson plans












TOBY  Click here for full lesson: Toby Lesson PlanToby by Hazel Mitchell Activities

Skills: Using illustrations to describe characters

Age Level: PreK – 1st Grade, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), ID classes

My Thoughts: Heartfelt. Delicately written about how difficult it is to adjust to a new home. An excellent book for Best Buddies conversations and for students who struggle with emotions and feeling anxious.

Toby Lesson Plan













CIRCLE, SQUARE, MOOSE  Click here for full lesson: Circle, Square, Moose

Skills: Naming shapes, engaging in group reading activities

Age Level: PreK – 1st Grade, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), ID classes

My Thoughts: HILARIOUS! Storyline and illustrations are superbly crafted. DE-lightful introduction into reading for emerging readers. I couldn’t stop laughing at Moose. 

tangram activityShape/ Tangram Activity








A Hop Is Up Lesson Plans for prek - 1st, students with autism. movement, brain break

A HOP IS UP  Click here for full lesson: A Hop Is Up

Skills: Connecting illustration to text, vocabulary acquisition.

Age Level: PreK – 1st Grade, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), ID classes

My Thoughts: If your students need a brain break with movement at the end of the day, this is the perfect read. Learn new vocabulary while moving, drawing, and presenting.

A Hop Is Up Activity Cards


Download Action Cards







I want my hat back lesson plans for preschool, kindergarten, autism spectrum disorder, ID, math skills, making inferences about textI WANT MY HAT BACK  Click here for full lesson:I Want My Hat Back

Skills: Math: Counting – Reading: Describing a Character’s Feelings, Making Predictions.

Age Level: PreK – 2nd Grade

My Thoughts: Ohhh, this lesson was the most fun to teach. I brought in the principal as a special surprise in the lesson.







go, shapes, go lesson plans counting, action verb language acquisition, preschool, kindergarten, students with austism ASD, ID

GO, SHAPES, GO!  Click here for full lesson: Go, Shapes, Go Lesson Plan goshapesgoinaction

Skills: Reading: Action Verb Acquisition –  Math: Shapes – Fine Motor: Movement

Age Level: PreK – 1st Grade

My Thoughts: Magical, engaging. Students move shapes (bounce that oval) and discover shapes make up everything.

Author Website: www.denisefleming.com







a friend for mole lesson plans, preschool, kindergarten, friendship, overcoming anxiety, students with austim ASD, ID

A FRIEND FOR MOLE  Click here for full lesson: A Friend for Mole Lesson Plan

Skills: Reading: Find the Central Message of a Story – Social Skills: Coping with Anxiety –habitatchart

Science: Animal Habitats

Age Level: PreK – 1st Grade

My Thoughts: How sweet friendship is! Fantastic lesson for Best Buddies Clubs and for students who struggle with anxiety. Discover where animals live.

Author Website: www.nancyarmo.com

A Friend for Mole Habitat Chart






thundercakeTHUNDERCAKE  Click here for full lesson: Thunder Cake

Skills: Reading: Sequence of Events, Explain Character’s Feelings – Math: Countingthundercakesequence

Age Level: 1st -2nd Grade

My Thoughts: Anticipation! The process of baking a cake gives us easy step-by-step pattern to place events of the story in the correct sequence and also distracts us from the impending thunderstorm.

                                                                                                        Thunder Cake Sequence of Events Cards








Stellaluna lesson plans, preschool, kindergarten, students with autism ASD, ID whatdoyoudowithatail


Click here for full lesson: Stellaluna & What Do You Do With A Tail Like This?

Skills: Reading: Difference Between Nonfiction and Fiction – Science: Five Senses, How Animals Use Body Parts

Age Level: K-2nd Grade

My Thoughts: Surprises at every turn. We keep guessing what animals are hiding in the book and how they use their eyes, ears, noses, and tails. And Stellaluna proves that even though we may fly differently or use our feet differently, we can still be friends.










Pumpkin Eye

Z is for Moose

This Is the Teacher

The Empty Pot


For English Language Learners:

Click here for Syllabus for Dual-Language Class Fall 2016 – Lesson planning ideas for dual-language class. I hope to add individual lessons…eventually.

spanish-dictionaryUsing this dictionary arranged by theme was a great text to guide conversations and learning. As a community center-based dual-language (Spanish and English) class, we do not have a guarantee of who will show up to class each week. Even if students have other obligations such as work or family, they can still study at home and make language acquisition gains.

The only downside to this text is the size. The words are small and a couple of my students used an additional magnifying glass to read the words.



Click here for Basic to Intermediate Dual-Language Class Spring 2016 – Community center based classes. Lessons to be added at a later date.


Many generous donors made it possible for every student in the class to take one of these Spanish/ English dictionaries home. I appreciated how each picture has the Spanish and English word together making comprehension easier.

I highly recommend this as a class text or even a resource to be given to all students. They can reference it over and over again. Pictures will guide them in selecting just the right word in writing projects.




Other Lessons:

Blue Rain, Moon Rain Lesson – Vowel Sounds, Times of Day, Colors, and Conversational Interactions

Blue Rain, Moon Rain Poem


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