My Library, Makerspace, & Code Club

2018: Lit & Tech Together

Older students code games for picture books for younger students to play. Increases coding and literacy skills.



2017: Book Check-Out on a Scooter Day

Borrow scooters from P.E. department and have a blast. I have never seen so many junior high boys interested in the library. They were coming in right after another and I knew the word was out.


 2017: Reading to the Dogs

Special thanks to Canine Companions for Independence bringing special guests including Thames, Pioneer, and Sheldon.

Step 1: I laid out several dog-related books from our nonfiction section as well as several dog-related books from our picture book section. I also included stories we had read during our library SPICE time every week so I knew the students would be able to find a familiar book.

Step 2: We had three dogs and rotated one student reading a short passage or one picture book at a time to one dog. It was magical! Everyone who entered the library made memories. Spectacular, wonderful event. This is completely free as the Canine Companions are handled by volunteers and we already had the books.











Sniffing Out Good Books

Reading to the Dogs Activity 20170317_175925










2016: Winter “Make and Take” Event

Create inexpensive decor by using wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, or butcher paper. I decorated the entire library in paper chains and stars for $10.

Students led some of the “Make and Take” classes, and students really enjoyed learning from one another.

What NOT to Do: Don’t plan the event on a Friday after school. Everyone, including teachers, want to evacuate the premises. Thursday might draw a bigger crowd.








2016: The Library Force Awakens

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Poster IDEAS Click Here:The Library Force Awakens













Things that went EXTREMELY well:

HAVING THE DRAMA CLUB/ CLASS PERFORM “ATTACK OF THE IMPROV” – Students love being entertained by other students. Hilarious. Fortunately we had tarps down to catch the falling ice cream.

OBSTACLE COURSE AND JEDI DUELING – P.E. teacher Lynn Preble put together an amazing course for students to hop, slide, balance, and duel their way through. She and another teacher dressed as Kylo Ren and dueled with the students.

RETURN OF THE BOOK SCAVENGER HUNT WITH PRIZES – I asked local business for prizes and they DELIVERED! Wow. I placed clues in manila envelopes around the library. EXAMPLES: 741.2 (They had to find this book in nonfiction) and “This clue is hot, hot, hot (in the “Hot Picks” section).

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS – My husband (who is much taller than I am) strung lights around the room. It immediately transformed regular library into “Star Wars.” We used our lights so it cost zero $$ for an ultra-cool effect.

COSTUME CONTEST – The students who participated loved dressing up. This was optional. Students could enter individually, with a friend, or with their family (few families showed- I guess middle schoolers don’t do family outings like elementary kids).

I joined the fun as dressed as Rey (pictured above)

STAR WARS CUPCAKE CONTEST – Not as many entries as I guessed there would be. But check out the winner!

STAR WARS PHOTO BACK DROP – Even students who didn’t dress in costume were Snap-Chatting here.



Things that could have gone better:

BOOK FAIR SALES weren’t as high as I had hoped, but we still sold a decent amount.

TOO MANY SMALL ACTIVITIES – I would have focused more time and energy on fewer activities.

FOOD TRUCKS –  I invited three food trucks, but the kids were mainly interested in the Poutine Truck (who knew?). I would only invite one truck next time OR sell pizza by the slice with a drink.


2016: Makerspace Ideas


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A student has been using a different type of origami technique. He made a swan for me and so many other students asked, “Who made it?” and “How did they do it?” and “Is it glued?” that I knew I had to share his work. He created a spectacular tutorial in order to show other students how to make the origami creatures. The cost is minimal as it only requires cut pieces of copy paper. Five sheets of paper and you have one incredible bird! No gluing. No special paper. Only cutting and folding.



I purchased a 3D pen for $49 on Amazon Prime. It came with a bit of filament, so I had to order another set to go with it for $11.

Since the filament costs so much money to replace and it was coming out of my pocket, I only use the 3D creations as incentive and reward for spectacular character or projects. Kids have made anywhere from tiny pineapples to jewelry to a Minecraft pig. It definitely sparks creativity, but can be spendy.