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Project Ideas for Digital Wizards

#1 Have students create tutorials. Allow them to select topic on which they feel they are an expert (and they probably are).  When other students, or teachers, or administrators get stuck, send them the link to these tutorials. Viola! 

#2 Give students the opportunity to view and review educational apps. Trust me, they’ll let you know their opinions in a hurry. Apps that are great will absorb their time. Apps that aren’t won’t get more than a minute of tinkering.




 Top 3 Apps for Educators & Students:

ScreenCastify- screen recording app for Chromebooks


If you are going to be absent and someone else is covering your class or library, I introduce you to your new best friend: Screencastify. It’s amazing and once you start recording, you won’t be able to stop.




Biteable- Use this video recording app with Chromebooks

WATCH THIS VIDEO! LIFE CHANGED. It took me about 30 min. to create this one.

Need to make an ultra-cool, ultra-professional video in 15 minutes. Biteable, friends, Biteable. I often call myself “Last-minute Lesher” because I try to fit too many projects into one day or week. Enter Biteable. Life changed.




Canva- design creation app for infographics, posters, invitations, etc.


I have precious little design skill. My sister Laura has 100% of it. Canva helps teachers and students look like polished designers. Create posters, invitations, infographics, brochures.




SAMR Model

Dr. Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR Model is basically Bloom’s Taxonomy (BT) for technology. Educators want to make sure they are using technology in transformative way, which means utilizing the top two levels of the SAMR model. Start making comments like, “Yes, the SAMR Model shows us…” and “According to Dr. Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR Model…” and VIOLA! Immediate street cred. You bumped your conversational IQ up a few points.

There is a PROFUSION of iPad app charts out there. Sad, little 1:1 Chromebook teachers are overlooked. Well, not anymore.

I follow the SAMR Model and have created this quick chart for Chromebook apps and how I would use them in the classroom (Where an app falls on the Model is always a debate. It depends on how each teacher uses it in the classroom. Again, similar to the BT.)

SAMR Model



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Storybird connects pictures to words and words to pictures. Students can write stories and then look for the picture that they feel best suits their stories. Teachers can present one image as a story prompt and let the image tell the story. Creative. Inspirational. Transformative.storybird


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Kahoot! fans will rave about Socrative. With a similar concept as Kahoot!, Socrative allows teachers to create quizzes but with open-ended or short answer responses. This is a great way to survey a group and allow everyone to see immediate responses and opinions.